Azure Monitor Agent Health (Preview)

The article provides an overview of the Azure Monitor Agent Health experience that enables an at scale solution for viewing the health of agents deployed across your organization. You can now monitor the health of your agents easily and seamlessly across Azure, on premises and other clouds using this interactive experience. Identify data collection problems before they start impacting your business, and troubleshoot faster by narrowing down the impact scope for a given problem. It includes agents deployed across virtual machines, scale sets and Arc-enabled servers (on premise servers with Azure Arc installed), as well as the data collection rules managing the agents across all these resources.

Screenshot of the Azure Monitor Agent Health workbook. The screenshot highlights the various charts and drill-down scope provided out-of-box. It also shows additional tabs on top for more scoped investigations.

You can access this workbook on the portal with preview enabled, or by clicking workbook link here. Try it out and share your feedback with us.