Connector status errors in the ITSMC dashboard

The IT Service Management Connector (ITSMC) dashboard presents errors that can help you to fix problems in your connector.

The following sections describe common errors that appear in the connector status section of the dashboard and how you can resolve them.

Unexpected response

Error: "Unexpected response from ServiceNow along with success status code. Response: { "import_set": "{import_set_id}", "staging_table": "x_mioms_microsoft_oms_incident", "result": [ { "transform_map": "OMS Incident", "table": "incident", "status": "error", "error_message": "{Target record not found|Invalid table|Invalid staging table" }"

Cause: ServiceNow returns this error when:

  • A custom script deployed in a ServiceNow instance causes incidents to be ignored.
  • "OMS Integrator app" code was modified on the ServiceNow side (for example, through the onBefore script).

Resolution: Disable all custom scripts or code modifications.

Exception update failure

Error: "{"error":{"message":"Operation Failed","detail":"ACL Exception Update Failed due to security constraints"}"

Cause: ServiceNow permissions are misconfigured.

Resolution: Check that all the roles are properly assigned as specified.

Problem sending a request

Error: "An error occurred while sending the request."

Cause: A ServiceNow instance is unavailable.

Resolution: Check your instance in ServiceNow. It might be deleted or unavailable.

ServiceNow rate problem

Error: "ServiceDeskHttpBadRequestException: StatusCode=429"

Cause: ServiceNow rate limits are too high or too low.

Resolution: Increase or cancel the rate limits in the ServiceNow instance, as explained in the ServiceNow documentation for each release:

Invalid refresh token


  • "AccessToken and RefreshToken invalid. User needs to authenticate again."
  • "Could not sync templates configuration for Event,Alert,Incident. See Exception Message for more details."

Cause: A refresh token is expired.

Resolution: Sync ITSMC to generate a new refresh token, as explained in How to manually fix sync problems.

Missing connector

Error: "Could not create/update work item for alert {alertName}. ITSM Connector {connectionIdentifier} does not exist or was deleted."

Cause: ITSMC was deleted.

Resolution: ITSMC was deleted, but defined IT Service Management (ITSM) action groups are still associated with it. There are three options to solve this problem:

Lack of connection details

Error:"Something went wrong. Could not get connection details." This error appears when you define an ITSM action group.

Cause: Such an error appears in either of these situations:

  • A newly created ITSM Connector instance has yet to finish the initial sync.
  • The connector wasn't defined correctly.


IP restrictions


  • "Failed to add ITSM Connection named "XXX" due to Bad Request. Error: Bad request. Invalid parameters provided for connection. Http Exception: Status Code Forbidden."
  • "Failed to update ITSM Connection credentials"

Cause: The IP address of the ITSM application doesn't allow ITSM connections from partner ITSM tools.

Resolution: To allow ITSM connections make sure ActionGroup network tag is allowed on your network.


Error: "User Not Authenticated"

Cause: This error can occur in two cases:

  • The token needs to be refreshed.
  • User integration rights are missing.