Connect BMC Helix to Azure Monitor

The following sections provide details about how to connect your BMC Helix product and Secure Webhook in Azure.


Ensure that you've met the following prerequisites:

  • Azure Active Directory is registered.
  • You have the supported version of BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management (version 19.08 or later).

Configure the BMC Helix connection

  1. Use the following procedure in the BMC Helix environment to get the URI for the Secure Webhook:

    1. Sign in to Integration Studio.
    2. Search for the Create Incident from Azure Alerts flow.
    3. Copy the webhook URL.

    Screenshot that shows the webhook U R L in Integration Studio.

  2. Follow the instructions according to the version:

  3. As a part of the configuration of the connection in BMC Helix, go into your integration BMC instance and follow these instructions:

    1. Select catalog.
    2. Select Azure alerts.
    3. Select connectors.
    4. Select configuration.
    5. Select the add new connection configuration.
    6. Fill in the information for the configuration section:
      • Name: Make up your own.
      • Authorization type: NONE
      • Description: Make up your own.
      • Site: Cloud
      • Number of instances: 2, the default value.
      • Check: Selected by default to enable usage.
      • The Azure tenant ID and Azure application ID are taken from the application that you defined earlier.

    Screenshot that shows BMC configuration.