Review TrackAvailability() test results

This article explains how to review TrackAvailability() test results in the Azure portal and query the data using Log Analytics.



  • TrackAvailability() requires that you have made a developer investment in custom code.
  • Standard tests should always be used if possible as they require little investment and have few prerequisites.

Check availability

Start by reviewing the graph on the Availability tab of your Application Insights resource.


Tests created with TrackAvailability() will appear with CUSTOM next to the test name.

Screenshot that shows the Availability tab with successful results.

To see the end-to-end transaction details, under Drill into, select Successful or Failed. Then select a sample. You can also get to the end-to-end transaction details by selecting a data point on the graph.

Screenshot that shows selecting a sample availability test.

Screenshot that shows end-to-end transaction details.

Query in Log Analytics

You can use Log Analytics to view your availability results, dependencies, and more. To learn more about Log Analytics, see Log query overview.

Screenshot that shows availability results.

Screenshot that shows the New Query tab with dependencies limited to 50.

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