Dependency telemetry: Application Insights data model

Dependency Telemetry (in Application Insights) represents an interaction of the monitored component with a remote component such as SQL or an HTTP endpoint.


Name of the command initiated with this dependency call. Low cardinality value. Examples are stored procedure name and URL path template.


Identifier of a dependency call instance. Used for correlation with the request telemetry item corresponding to this dependency call. For more information, see correlation page.


Command initiated by this dependency call. Examples are SQL statement and HTTP URL with all query parameters.


Dependency type name. Low cardinality value for logical grouping of dependencies and interpretation of other fields like commandName and resultCode. Examples are SQL, Azure table, and HTTP.


Target site of a dependency call. Examples are server name, host address. For more information, see correlation page.


Request duration in format: DD.HH:MM:SS.MMMMMM. Must be less than 1000 days.

Result code

Result code of a dependency call. Examples are SQL error code and HTTP status code.


Indication of successful or unsuccessful call.

Custom properties

Name-value collection of custom properties. This collection is used to extend standard telemetry with the custom dimensions. Examples are deployment slot that produced telemetry or telemetry-item specific property like order number.

Max key length: 150 Max value length: 8192

Custom measurements

Collection of custom measurements. Use this collection to report named measurement associated with the telemetry item. Typical use cases are:

  • the size of Dependency Telemetry payload
  • the number of queue items processed by Request Telemetry
  • time that customer took to complete the step in wizard step completion Event Telemetry.

You can query custom measurements in Application Analytics:

| where customMeasurements != ""
| summarize avg(todouble(customMeasurements["Completion Time"]) * itemCount)


Custom measurements are associated with the telemetry item they belong to. They are subject to sampling with the telemetry item containing those measurements. To track a measurement that has a value independent from other telemetry types, use Metric telemetry.

Max key length: 150

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