React Native plugin for Application Insights JavaScript SDK

The React Native plugin for Application Insights JavaScript SDK collects device information, by default this plugin automatically collects:

  • Unique Device ID (Also known as Installation ID.)
  • Device Model Name (Such as iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei P30 Pro etc.)
  • Device Type (For example, handset, tablet, etc.)


You must be using a version >= 2.0.0 of @microsoft/applicationinsights-web. This plugin will only work in react-native apps. It will not work with apps using the Expo framework, therefore it will not work with Create React Native App.

Getting started

Install and link the react-native-device-info package. Keep the react-native-device-info package up to date to collect the latest device names using your app.

npm install --save @microsoft/applicationinsights-react-native @microsoft/applicationinsights-web
npm install --save react-native-device-info
react-native link react-native-device-info

Initializing the plugin

To use this plugin, you need to construct the plugin and add it as an extension to your existing Application Insights instance.


On March 31, 2025, support for instrumentation key ingestion will end. Instrumentation key ingestion will continue to work, but we'll no longer provide updates or support for the feature. Transition to connection strings to take advantage of new capabilities.

import { ApplicationInsights } from '@microsoft/applicationinsights-web';
import { ReactNativePlugin } from '@microsoft/applicationinsights-react-native';

var RNPlugin = new ReactNativePlugin();
var appInsights = new ApplicationInsights({
    config: {
        connectionString: 'YOUR_CONNECTION_STRING_GOES_HERE',
        extensions: [RNPlugin]

Enable Correlation

Correlation generates and sends data that enables distributed tracing and powers the application map, end-to-end transaction view, and other diagnostic tools.

In JavaScript correlation is turned off by default in order to minimize the telemetry we send by default. To enable correlation please reference JavaScript client-side correlation documentation.


If a custom PageView duration is not provided, PageView duration defaults to a value of 0.

Next steps