Zero instrumentation application monitoring for Kubernetes - Azure Monitor Application Insights


Currently you can enable monitoring for your Java apps running on Kubernetes without instrumenting your code - use the Java standalone agent. While the solution to seamlessly enabling application monitoring is in the works for other languages, use the SDKs to monitor your apps running on AKS: ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET, Node.js, JavaScript, and Python.

Application monitoring without instrumenting the code

Currently, only Java lets you enable application monitoring without instrumenting the code. To monitor applications in other languages use the SDKs.

For a complete list of supported auto-instrumentation scenarios, see Supported environments, languages, and resource providers.


Once enabled, the Java agent will automatically collect a multitude of requests, dependencies, logs, and metrics from the most widely used libraries and frameworks.

Follow the detailed instructions to monitor your Java apps running in Kubernetes apps, as well as other environments.

Other languages

For the applications in other languages we currently recommend using the SDKs:


Test connectivity between your application host and the ingestion service

Application Insights SDKs and agents send telemetry to get ingested as REST calls to our ingestion endpoints. You can test connectivity from your web server or application host machine to the ingestion service endpoints by using raw REST clients from PowerShell or curl commands. See Troubleshoot missing application telemetry in Azure Monitor Application Insights.

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