Application Insights SDK support guidance

Microsoft announces feature deprecations or breaking changes at least one year in advance and strives to provide a seamless process for migration to the replacement experience.

For more information, review the Azure SDK Lifecycle and Support Policy.


Diagnostic tools often provide better insight into the root cause of a problem when the latest stable SDK version is used.

SDK update guidance

Support engineers are expected to provide SDK update guidance according to the following table, referencing the current SDK version in use and any alternatives.

Current SDK version in use Alternative version available Update policy for support
Latest GA SDK Newer preview version available NO UPDATE NECESSARY
GA SDK Newer GA released < one year ago UPDATE RECOMMENDED
GA SDK Newer GA released > one year ago UPDATE REQUIRED
Unsupported (support policy) Any supported version UPDATE REQUIRED
Latest Preview No newer version available NO UPDATE NECESSARY
Preview Newer preview version UPDATE REQUIRED


  • General Availability (GA) refers to non-beta versions.
  • Preview refers to beta versions.


Switching to autoinstrumentation eliminates the need for manual SDK updates.


Only commercially reasonable support is provided for Preview versions of the SDK. If a support incident requires escalation to development for further guidance, customers will be asked to use a fully supported SDK version to continue support. Commercially reasonable support does not include an option to engage Microsoft product development resources; technical workarounds may be limited or not possible.

Release notes

Reference the release notes to see the current version of Application Insights SDKs and previous versions release dates.

Our Service Updates also summarize major Application Insights improvements.