Enable Change Analysis

The Change Analysis service:

  • Computes and aggregates change data from the data sources mentioned earlier.
  • Provides a set of analytics for users to:
    • Easily navigate through all resource changes.
    • Identify relevant changes in the troubleshooting or monitoring context.

Register the Microsoft.ChangeAnalysis resource provider with an Azure Resource Manager subscription to make the resource properties and configuration change data available. The Microsoft.ChangeAnalysis resource provider is automatically registered as you either:

  • Enter any UI entry point, like the Web App Diagnose and Solve Problems tool, or
  • Bring up the Change Analysis standalone tab.

In this guide, you'll learn the two ways to enable Change Analysis for Azure Functions and web app in-guest changes:

  • For one or a few Azure Functions or web apps, enable Change Analysis via the UI.
  • For a large number of web apps (for example, 50+ web apps), enable Change Analysis using the provided PowerShell script.


Slot-level enablement for Azure Functions or web app is not supported at the moment.

Enable Azure Functions and web app in-guest change collection via the Change Analysis portal

For web app in-guest changes, separate enablement is required for scanning code files within a web app. For more information, see Change Analysis in the Diagnose and solve problems tool section.


You may not immediately see web app in-guest file changes and configuration changes. Prepare for downtime and restart your web app to view changes within 30 minutes. If you still can't see changes, refer to the troubleshooting guide.

  1. Navigate to Azure Monitor's Change Analysis UI in the portal.

  2. Enable web app in-guest change tracking by either:

    • Selecting Enable Now in the banner, or

      Screenshot of the Application Changes options from the banner.

    • Selecting Configure from the top menu.

      Screenshot of the Application Changes options from the top menu.

  3. Toggle on Change Analysis status and select Save.

    Screenshot of the Enable Change Analysis user interface.

    • The tool displays all web apps under an App Service plan, which you can toggle on and off individually.

      Screenshot of the Enable Change Analysis user interface expanded.

Enable Change Analysis at scale using PowerShell

If your subscription includes several web apps, run the following script to enable all web apps in your subscription.


PowerShell Az Module. Follow instructions at Install the Azure PowerShell module

Run the following script:

# Log in to your Azure subscription

# Get subscription Id
$SubscriptionId = Read-Host -Prompt 'Input your subscription Id'

# Make Feature Flag visible to the subscription
Set-AzContext -SubscriptionId $SubscriptionId

# Register resource provider
Register-AzResourceProvider -ProviderNamespace "Microsoft.ChangeAnalysis"

# Enable each web app
$webapp_list = Get-AzWebApp | Where-Object {$_.kind -eq 'app'}
foreach ($webapp in $webapp_list)
    $tags = $webapp.Tags
    Set-AzResource -ResourceId $webapp.Id -Tag $tags -Force

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