Enhance data and service resilience in Azure Monitor Logs with availability zones

Azure availability zones protect applications and data from datacenter failures and can enhance the resilience of Azure Monitor features that rely on a Log Analytics workspace. This article describes the data and service resilience benefits Azure Monitor availability zones provide by default to dedicated clusters in supported regions.


  • A Log Analytics workspace linked to a dedicated cluster.


    Application Insights resources can use availability zones only if they're workspace-based and the workspace uses a dedicated cluster. Classic Application Insights resources can't use availability zones.

How availability zones enhance data and service resilience in Azure Monitor Logs

Each Azure region that supports availability zones is made of one or more datacenters, or zones, equipped with independent power, cooling, and networking infrastructure.

Azure Monitor Logs availability zones are zone-redundant, which means that Microsoft manages spreading service requests and replicating data across different zones in supported regions. If one zone is affected by an incident, Microsoft manages failover to a different availability zone in the region automatically. You don't need to take any action because switching between zones is seamless.

A subset of the availability zones that support data resilience currently also support service resilience for Azure Monitor Logs, as listed in the Service resilience - supported regions section. In regions that support service resilience, Azure Monitor Logs service operations - for example, log ingestion, queries, and alerts - can continue in the event of a zone failure. In regions that only support data resilience, your stored data is protected against zonal failures, but service operations might be impacted by regional incidents.

Data resilience - supported regions

Azure Monitor currently supports data resilience for availability-zone-enabled dedicated clusters in these regions:

Americas Europe Middle East Africa Asia Pacific
Brazil South France Central Qatar Central South Africa North Australia East
Canada Central Germany West Central UAE North Central India
Central US North Europe Japan East
East US Norway East Korea Central
East US 2 UK South Southeast Asia
South Central US West Europe East Asia
West US 2 Sweden Central
West US 3 Switzerland North
Poland Central


Moving to a dedicated cluster in a region that supports availablility zones protects data ingested after the move, not historical data.

Service resilience - supported regions

When available in your region, Azure Monitor availability zones enhance your Azure Monitor service resilience automatically. Physical separation and independent infrastructure makes interruption of service availability in your Log Analytics workspace far less likely because the Log Analytics workspace can rely on resources from a different zone.

Azure Monitor currently supports service resilience for availability-zone-enabled dedicated clusters in these regions:

  • East US 2
  • West US 2
  • North Europe

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