Supported metrics for Microsoft.PowerBIDedicated/capacities

The following table lists the metrics available for the Microsoft.PowerBIDedicated/capacities resource type.

Table headings

Metric - The metric display name as it appears in the Azure portal.
Name in Rest API - Metric name as referred to in the REST API.
Unit - Unit of measure.
Aggregation - The default aggregation type. Valid values: Average, Minimum, Maximum, Total, Count.
Dimensions - Dimensions available for the metric.
Time Grains - Intervals at which the metric is sampled. For example, PT1M indicates that the metric is sampled every minute, PT30M every 30 minutes, PT1H every hour, and so on.
DS Export- Whether the metric is exportable to Azure Monitor Logs via Diagnostic Settings. For information on exporting metrics, see Create diagnostic settings in Azure Monitor.

For information on metric retention, see Azure Monitor Metrics overview

For a list of supported logs, see Supported log categories - Microsoft.PowerBIDedicated/capacities

Metric Name in REST API Unit Aggregation Dimensions Time Grains DS Export
CPU (Gen2)

CPU Utilization. Supported only for Power BI Embedded Generation 2 resources.
cpu_metric Percent Average <none> PT1M Yes
Overload (Gen2)

Resource Overload, 1 if resource is overloaded, otherwise 0. Supported only for Power BI Embedded Generation 2 resources.
overload_metric Count Average <none> PT1M Yes