Audit log for Azure Active Directory. Includes system activity information about user and group management managed applications and directory activities.


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Column Type Description
AADOperationType string Type of the operation. Possible values are Add Update Delete and Other.
AADTenantId string ID of the ADD tenant
ActivityDateTime datetime Date and time the activity was performed in UTC.
ActivityDisplayName string Activity name or the operation name. Examples include Create User and Add member to group. For full list see Azure AD activity list.
AdditionalDetails dynamic Indicates additional details on the activity.
Category string Currently Audit is the only supported value.
CorrelationId string Optional GUID that's passed by the client. Can help correlate client-side operations with server-side operations and is useful when tracking logs that span services.
DurationMs long Property is not used and can be ignored.
Id string GUID that uniquely identifies the activity.
Identity string Identity from the token that was presented when the request was made. The identity can be a user account system account or service principal.
InitiatedBy dynamic User or app initiated the activity.
Level string Message type. This is currently always Informational.
Location string Location of the datacenter.
LoggedByService string Service that initiated the activity (For example: Self-service Password Management Core Directory B2C Invited Users Microsoft Identity Manager Privileged Identity Management.
OperationName string Name of the operation.
OperationVersion string REST API version that's requested by the client.
Resource string
ResourceGroup string
ResourceId string
ResourceProvider string
Result string Result of the activity. Possible values are: success failure timeout unknownFutureValue.
ResultDescription string Additional description of the result.
ResultReason string Describes cause of failure or timeout results.
ResultSignature string Property is not used and can be ignored.
ResultType string Result of the operation. Possible values are Success and Failure.
SourceSystem string
TargetResources dynamic Indicates information on which resource was changed due to the activity. Target Resource Type can be User Device Directory App Role Group Policy or Other.
TimeGenerated datetime Date and time the record was created.
Type string The name of the table