Intune devices specialist report.


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Column Type Description
AADTenantId string The AAD Tenant ID
AndroidPatchLevel string The Android patch level of the device
BatchId string The unique ID for the exported report
_BilledSize real The record size in bytes
CategoryName string The category name of the device
CompliantState string The compliant state of the device
CreatedDate string The date and time of the device entry was created
DeviceId string The ID of the device
DeviceName string The name of the device
DeviceRegistrationState string The registration state of the device
DeviceState string The state of the device
EasID string The Emergency Alert System Identification of the device
EncryptionStatusString string String describing whether the device is encrypted
GraphDeviceIsManaged bool Boolean describing whether the graph device is managed
IMEI string The international mobile equipment identifier of the device
InGracePeriodUntil string The device grace period end time
IntuneAccountId string The Intune Account ID
_IsBillable string Specifies whether ingesting the data is billable. When _IsBillable is false ingestion isn't billed to your Azure account
JailBroken string String describing whether the device is jail broken
JoinType string The device join type
LastContact string The date and time of last contact
ManagedBy string The authority that the device is managed by
ManagedDeviceName string The managed device name
Manufacturer string The manufacturer of the device
MEID string The mobile equipment identifier of the device
Model string The model of the device
OperationName string The name of the operation
OS string The operating system of the device
OSVersion string The version of the operating system
Ownership string The ownership of the device
PhoneNumber string The phone number
PrimaryUser string The ID of the primary user
ReferenceId string The AAD Device ID
Result string The result of the operation
SerialNumber string The serial number of the device
SkuFamily string The stock-keeping unit family of the device
SourceSystem string The type of agent the event was collected by. For example, OpsManager for Windows agent, either direct connect or Operations Manager, Linux for all Linux agents, or Azure for Azure Diagnostics
Stats dynamic Statistics about the export, including the number of records exported per export
StorageFree long The free storage size of the device
StorageTotal long The total storage size of the device
SubscriberCarrierNetwork string The subscriber carrier network
SupervisedStatusString string String describing whether the device is supervised
TenantId string The Log Analytics workspace ID
TimeGenerated datetime Date and time when the report was generated (UTC)
Type string The name of the table
UPN string The user principal name
UserEmail string The user email address
UserName string The user name
WifiMacAddress string The WiFi MAC address of the device