Alerts that been generated by security products.


  • Security


  • AzureSecurityOfThings
  • Security and Audit
  • SecurityCenter
  • SecurityCenterFree
  • Microsoft Sentinel

Resource types

  • Azure Sentinel


Column Type Description
AlertLink string
AlertName string
AlertSeverity string
AlertType string
CompromisedEntity string
ConfidenceLevel string
ConfidenceScore real
Description string
DisplayName string
EndTime datetime
Entities string
ExtendedLinks string
ExtendedProperties string
IsIncident bool
ProcessingEndTime datetime
ProductComponentName string
ProductName string
ProviderName string
RemediationSteps string
ResourceId string
SourceComputerId string
StartTime datetime
Status string
SystemAlertId string
Tactics string
Techniques string
TimeGenerated datetime
Type string The name of the table
VendorName string
VendorOriginalId string
WorkspaceResourceGroup string
WorkspaceSubscriptionId string