Hourly usage data for each table in the workspace.


  • Azure Monitor


  • LogManagement


Column Type Description
AvgLatencyInSeconds real Deprecated
BatchesCapped long Deprecated
BatchesOutsideSla long Deprecated
BatchesWithinSla long Deprecated
_BilledSize real
Computer string Deprecated
DataType string Table that usage is being reported about.
EndTime datetime End time of the one hour aggregation window.
_IsBillable string
IsBillable bool Logical flag to indicate whether we bill for this data record.
LinkedMeterId string Deprecated
LinkedResourceUri string Deprecated
MeterId string GUID of the meter used for billing.
Quantity real Size of data in Mbytes.
QuantityUnit string Value is alwais Mbytes.
ResourceUri string The URI of the workspace. This will be same for all records in this table in workspace.
Solution string Solution about which usage is being reported.
SourceSystem string For Usage record SourceSystem is always OMS.
StartTime datetime Start time of the 1 hour aggregation window (same as TimeGenerated).
TimeGenerated datetime Date and time the record was created.
TotalBatches long Deprecated
Type string The name of the table