Windows events which are collected and sent by the agent.

Table attributes

Attribute Value
Resource types -
Categories Security
Solutions CustomizedWindowsEventsFiltering, InternalWindowsEvent, SecurityInsights, WEFInternalUat, WEF_10x, WEF_10xDSRE, WinLog, WindowsEventForwarding
Basic log No
Ingestion-time transformation Yes
Sample Queries Yes


Column Type Description
_BilledSize real The record size in bytes
Channel string The channel to which the event was logged.
Computer string The name of the computer on which the event occurred.
Correlation string The activity identifiers that consumers can use to group related events together.
EventData dynamic Contains the event data parsed to dynamic type. If the parsing fails then this field will contain null and the RawEventData field will be populated.
EventID int The identifier that the provider used to identify the event.
EventLevel int Contains the severity level of the event.
EventLevelName string The rendered message string of the level specified in the event.
EventOriginId string VM ID obtained from the Azure Instance Metadata Service (IMDS).
EventRecordId string The record number assigned to the event when it was logged.
_IsBillable string Specifies whether ingesting the data is billable. When _IsBillable is false ingestion isn't billed to your Azure account
Keywords string A bitmask of the keywords defined in the event.
ManagementGroupName string Additional information based on the resource type.
Opcode string The opcode element is defined by the SystemPropertiesType complex type.
Provider string System Properties Type - Identifies the provider that logged the event.
RawEventData string The raw event XML when parsing fails. It's null when parsing successful.
_ResourceId string A unique identifier for the resource that the record is associated with
_SubscriptionId string A unique identifier for the subscription that the record is associated with
SystemProcessId int Identifies the process that generated the event.
SystemThreadId int Identifies the thread that generated the event.
SystemUserId string The ID of the user who is responsible for the event.
Task int The task defined in the event.
TenantId string The Log Analytics workspace ID
TimeGenerated datetime The time stamp when the event was generated on the computer.
Type string The name of the table
Version int Contains the version number of the event's definition.