Resource Manager template samples for workbooks in Azure Monitor

This article includes sample Azure Resource Manager templates to create workbooks in Azure Monitor. Each sample includes a template file and a parameters file with sample values to provide to the template.


See Azure Resource Manager samples for Azure Monitor for a list of samples that are available and guidance on deploying them in your Azure subscription.

Workbooks can be complex, so a typical strategy is to create the workbook in the Azure portal and then generate a Resource Manager template. See details of this method in Azure Resource Manager template for deploying workbooks.

Create a workbook

The following sample creates a simple workbook.

Template file

@description('The unique guid for this workbook instance.')
param workbookId string = newGuid()

@description('The location of the resource.')
param location string = resourceGroup().location

@description('The friendly name for the workbook that is used in the Gallery or Saved List. Needs to be unique in the scope of the resource group and source.')
param workbookDisplayName string = 'My Workbook'

@description('The gallery that the workbook will been shown under. Supported values include workbook, `tsg`, Azure Monitor, etc.')
param workbookType string = 'tsg'

@description('The id of resource instance to which the workbook will be associated.')
param workbookSourceId string = '<insert-your-resource-id-here>'

resource workbook 'Microsoft.Insights/workbooks@2018-06-17-preview' = {
  name: workbookId
  location: location
  kind: 'shared'
  properties: {
    displayName: workbookDisplayName
    serializedData: '{"version":"Notebook/1.0","items":[{"type":1,"content":"{\\"json\\":\\"Hello World!\\"}","conditionalVisibility":null}],"isLocked":false}'
    version: '1.0'
    sourceId: workbookSourceId
    category: workbookType

output workbookId string =

Parameter file

  "$schema": "",
  "contentVersion": "",
  "parameters": {
    "workbookDisplayName": {
      "value": "Sample Hello World workbook"
    "workbookType": {
      "value": "workbook"
    "workbookSourceId": {
      "value": "Azure Monitor"

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