Logical functions for Bicep

Bicep provides the bool function for converting values to a boolean.

Most of the logical functions in Azure Resource Manager templates are replaced with logical operators in Bicep.



Converts the parameter to a boolean.

Namespace: sys.


Parameter Required Type Description
arg1 Yes string or int The value to convert to a boolean. String value "true" with any combination of upper and lower case characters (for example "True", "TRUE", "tRue", "true") are considered to be equivalent and represent the boolean value of true, otherwise false. Integer value 0 is considered to be false and all other integers are considered to be true.

Return value

A boolean of the converted value.


The following example shows how to use bool with a string or integer.

output trueString1 bool = bool('true')
output trueString2 bool = bool('trUe')
output falseString1 bool = bool('false')
output falseString2 bool = bool('falSe')
output trueInt2 bool = bool(2)
output trueInt1 bool = bool(1)
output trueIntNeg1 bool = bool(-1)
output falseInt0 bool = bool(0)

The output from the preceding example with the default values is:

Name Type Value
trueString1 Bool true
trueString2 Bool true
falseString1 Bool false
falseString2 Bool false
trueInt2 Bool true
trueInt1 Bool true
trueIntNeg1 Bool true
falseInt Bool false

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