Deploy Bicep files from Azure Cloud Shell

You can use Azure Cloud Shell to deploy a Bicep file. Currently you can only deploy a local Bicep file from the Cloud Shell.

You can deploy to any scope. This article shows deploying to a resource group.

Deploy local Bicep file

To deploy a local Bicep file, you must first upload your Bicep file to your Cloud Shell session.

  1. Sign in to the Cloud Shell.

  2. Select either PowerShell or Bash.

    Select Bash or PowerShell

  3. Select Upload/Download files, and then select Upload.

    Upload file

  4. Select the Bicep file you want to upload, and then select Open.

  5. To deploy the Bicep file, use the following commands:

    az group create --name ExampleGroup --location "South Central US"
    az deployment group create \
      --resource-group ExampleGroup \
      --template-file azuredeploy.bicep \
      --parameters storageAccountType=Standard_GRS

Next steps