Linter rule - no conflicting metadata

This linter rule issues a warning when a template author provides a @metadata() decorator with a property that conflicts with another decorator.

Linter rule code

Use the following value in the Bicep configuration file to customize rule settings:



The following example fails this test because the description property of the @metadata() decorator conflicts with the @description() decorator.

  description: 'I conflict with the @description() decorator and will be overwritten.' // <-- will trigger a no-conflicting-metadata diagnostic
@description('I am more specific than the @metadata() decorator and will overwrite any 'description' property specified within it.')
param foo string

The @description() decorator always takes precedence over anything in the @metadata() decorator. So, the linter rule notifies that the description property within the @metadata() value is redundant and will be replaced.

Next steps

For more information about the linter, see Use Bicep linter.