Use Azure SQL Edge to build smarter renewable resources


Azure SQL Edge no longer supports the ARM64 platform.

The Wind Turbine Demo for Azure SQL Edge is based on Contoso Renewable Energy, a wind turbine farm that uses SQL Edge for data processing onboard the generator.

This demo walks you through resolving an alert being raised because of wind turbulence being detected at the device. You'll train a model and deploy it to SQL Edge, which corrects the detected wind wake and ultimately optimizes power output.

Azure SQL Edge - renewable Energy demo video on Channel 9:

Set up the demo on your local computer

Git is used to copy all files from the demo to your local computer.

  1. Install Git.
  2. Open a command prompt and navigate to a folder where the repo should be downloaded.
  3. Issue the command git clone
  4. Navigate to sql-server-samples\samples\demos\azure-sql-edge-demos\Wind Turbine Demo in the location where the repository is cloned.
  5. Follow the instructions in to set up the demo environment and execute the demo.