Monitoring Azure SQL Managed Instance management operations

Applies to: Azure SQL Managed Instance

Azure SQL Managed Instance provides monitoring of management operations that you use to deploy new managed instances, update instance properties, or delete instances when no longer needed.


All management operations can be categorized as follows:

  • Instance deployment (new instance creation).
  • Instance update (changing instance properties, such as vCores or reserved storage).
  • Instance deletion.

Most management operations are long running operations. Therefore there is a need to monitor the status or follow the progress of operation steps.

There are several ways to monitor managed instance management operations:

The following table compares management operation monitoring options:

Option Retention Supports cancel Create Update Delete Cancel Steps
Resource group deployments Infinite1 No2 Visible Visible Not visible Visible Not visible
Activity log 90 days No Visible Visible Visible Visible Not visible
Managed instance operations API 24 hours Yes Visible Visible Visible Visible Visible

1 The deployment history for a resource group is limited to 800 deployments.

2 Resource group deployments support cancel operation. However, due to cancel logic, only an operation scheduled for deployment after the cancel action is performed will be canceled. Ongoing deployment is not canceled when the resource group deployment is canceled. Since managed instance deployment consists of one long running step (from the Azure Resource Manger perspective), canceling resource group deployment will not cancel managed instance deployment and the operation will complete.

Managed instance operations API

Management operations APIs are specially designed to monitor operations. Monitoring managed instance operations can provide insights on operation parameters and operation steps, as well as cancel specific operations. Besides operation details and cancel command, this API can be used in automation scripts with multi-resource deployments - based on the progress step, you can kick off some dependent resource deployment.

These are the APIs:

Command Description
Managed Instance Operations - Get Gets a management operation on a managed instance.
Managed Instance Operations - Cancel Cancels the asynchronous operation on the managed instance.
Managed Instance Operations - List By Managed Instance Gets a list of operations performed on the managed instance.


Use API version 2020-02-02 to see the managed instance create operation in the list of operations. This is the default version used in the Azure portal and the latest PowerShell and Azure CLI packages.

Monitor operations

In the Azure portal, use the managed instance Overview page to monitor managed instance operations.

For example, the Create operation is visible at the start of the creation process on the Overview page:

Managed instance create progress

Select Ongoing operation to open the Ongoing operation page and view Create or Update operations. You can also Cancel operations from this page as well.

Managed instance operation details


Create operations submitted through Azure portal, PowerShell, Azure CLI or other tooling using REST API version 2020-02-02 can be canceled. REST API versions older than 2020-02-02 used to submit a create operation will start the instance deployment, but the deployment won't be listed in the Operations API and can't be cancelled.

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