Customizing content models in Azure AI Video Indexer


Due to the Azure Media Services retirement announcement, Azure AI Video Indexer announces Azure AI Video Indexer features adjustments. See Changes related to Azure Media Service (AMS) retirement to understand what this means for your Azure AI Video Indexer account. See the Preparing for AMS retirement: VI update and migration guide.


Face identification, customization and celebrity recognition features access is limited based on eligibility and usage criteria in order to support our Responsible AI principles. Face identification, customization and celebrity recognition features are only available to Microsoft managed customers and partners. Use the Face Recognition intake form to apply for access.

Azure AI Video Indexer allows you to customize some of its models to be adapted to your specific use case. These models include brands, language, and person. You can easily customize these models using the Azure AI Video Indexer website or API.

This article gives links to articles that explain the benefits of each type of customization. The article also links to how-to guides that show how you can implement the customization of each model.

Brands model

Language model

Person model