Customize a Person model in Azure AI Video Indexer


Due to the Azure Media Services retirement announcement, Azure AI Video Indexer announces Azure AI Video Indexer features adjustments. See Changes related to Azure Media Service (AMS) retirement to understand what this means for your Azure AI Video Indexer account. See the Preparing for AMS retirement: VI update and migration guide.


Face identification, customization and celebrity recognition features access is limited based on eligibility and usage criteria in order to support our Responsible AI principles. Face identification, customization and celebrity recognition features are only available to Microsoft managed customers and partners. Use the Face Recognition intake form to apply for access.

Azure AI Video Indexer supports celebrity recognition in your videos. The celebrity recognition feature covers approximately one million faces based on commonly requested data sources such as IMDB, Wikipedia, and top LinkedIn influencers. Faces that aren't recognized by Azure AI Video Indexer are still detected, but are left unnamed. You can build custom Person models and enable Azure AI Video Indexer to recognize faces that aren't recognized by default. You can build these Person models by pairing a person's name with image files of the person's face.

You can benefit from creating multiple Person models per account. For example, if the content in your account is meant to be sorted into different channels, you might want to create a separate Person model for each channel.


Each Person model supports up to 1 million people and each account has a limit of 50 Person models.

Once a model is created, you can use it by providing the model ID of a specific Person model when uploading/indexing or re-indexing a video. Training a new face for a video updates the associated custom model.


If you don't need the multiple Person model support, don't assign a Person model ID to your video when uploading/indexing or re-indexing. In this case, Azure AI Video Indexer will use the default Person model in your account.

You can use the Azure AI Video Indexer website to edit faces that were detected in a video and to manage multiple custom Person models in your account, as described in the Customize a Person model using the website article. You can also use the API, as described in Customize a Person model using APIs.