Backup solutions for Azure VMware Solution virtual machines (VMs)

A key principle of Azure VMware Solution is to enable you to continue to use your investments and your favorite VMware solutions running on Azure. Independent software vendor (ISV) technology support, validated with Azure VMware Solution, is an important part of this strategy.

Our backup partners have industry-leading backup and restore solutions in VMware-based environments. Customers have widely adopted these solutions for their on-premises deployments. Now these partners have extended their solutions to Azure VMware Solution, using Azure to provide a backup repository and a storage target for long-term retention and archival.

Back up network traffic between Azure VMware Solution VMs and the backup repository in Azure travels over a high-bandwidth, low-latency link. Replication traffic across regions travels over the internal Azure backplane network, which lowers bandwidth costs for users.


For common questions, see our third-party backup solution FAQ.

You can find more information on these backup solutions here: