Operating system support for Azure VMware Solution virtual machines

Azure VMware Solution supports a wide range of operating systems to be used in the guest virtual machines. Being based on VMware vSphere, currently 7.0 version, all operating systems currently supported by vSphere can be used by any Azure VMware Solution customer for their workloads.

Check the list of operating systems and configurations supported in the VMware Compatibility Guide, create a query for ESXi 7.0 Update 3 and select all operating systems and vendors.

Additionally to the supported operating systems by VMware for vSphere, we worked with Red Hat, SUSE and Canonical to extend the support model currently in place for Azure Virtual Machines to the workloads running on Azure VMware Solution, given that it's a first-party Azure service. You can check the following sites of vendors for more information about the benefits of running their operating system on Azure.