Metrics in Azure Web PubSub Service

Azure Web PubSub service has some built-in metrics and you and sets up alerts base on metrics.

Understand metrics

Metrics provide the running info of the service. The available metrics are:

Metric Unit Recommended Aggregation Type Description Dimensions
Connection Close Count Count Sum The count of connections closed by various reasons. ConnectionCloseCategory
Connection Count Count Max / Avg The number of connections to the service. No Dimensions
Connection Open Count Count Sum The count of new connections opened. No Dimensions
Connection Quota Utilization Percent Max / Avg The percentage of connections relative to connection quota. No Dimensions
Inbound Traffic Bytes Sum The inbound traffic to the service. No Dimensions
Outbound Traffic Bytes Sum The outbound traffic from the service. No Dimensions
Server Load Percent Max / Avg The percentage of server load. No Dimensions

Understand Dimensions

Dimensions of a metric are name/value pairs that carry extra data to describe the metric value.

The dimension available in some metrics:

  • ConnectionCloseCategory: Describe the categories of why connection getting closed. Including dimension values:
    • Normal: Normal closure.
    • Throttled: With traffic or connection throttling, check Connection Count and Outbound Traffic usage and your resource limits.
    • SendEventFailed: Event handler invokes failed.
    • EventHandlerNotFound: Event handler not found.
    • SlowClient: Too many messages queued up at service side, which needed to be sent.
    • ServiceTransientError: Internal server error.
    • BadRequest: Caused by an invalid hub name, wrong payload, etc.
    • ServiceReload: Triggered when a connection is dropped due to an internal service component reload. This event doesn't indicate a malfunction and is part of normal service operation.
    • Unauthorized: The connection is unauthorized.

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