Manage Azure Kubernetes Service backups using Azure Backup (preview)

This article describes how to register resource providers on your subscriptions for using Backup Extension and Trusted Access. Also, it provides you with the Azure CLI commands to manage them.

Azure Backup now allows you to back up AKS clusters (cluster resources and persistent volumes attached to the cluster) using a backup extension, which must be installed in the cluster. AKS cluster requires Trusted Access enabled with Backup vault, so that the vault can communicate with the Backup Extension to perform backup and restore operations.

Resource provider registrations

  • You must register these resource providers on the subscription before initiating any backup and restore operation.
  • Once the registration is complete, you can perform backup and restore operations on all the cluster under the subscription.

Register the Backup Extension

To install Backup Extension, you need to register Microsoft.KubernetesConfiguration resource provider on the subscription. To perform the registration, run the following command:

az provider register --namespace Microsoft.KubernetesConfiguration

The registration may take up to 10 minutes. To monitor the registration process, run the following command:

az provider show -n Microsoft.KubernetesConfiguration -o table

Register the Trusted Access

To enable Trusted Access between the Backup vault and AKS cluster, you must register TrustedAccessPreview feature flag on Microsoft.ContainerService over the subscription. To perform the registration, run the following commands:

Enable the feature flag

To enable the feature flag follow these steps:

  1. Install the aks-preview extension:

    az extension add --name aks-preview
  2. Update to the latest version of the extension released:

    az extension update --name aks-preview
  3. Register the TrustedAccessPreview feature flag:

    az feature register --namespace "Microsoft.ContainerService" --name "TrustedAccessPreview"

    It takes a few minutes for the status to show Registered.

  4. Verify the registration status:

    az feature show --namespace "Microsoft.ContainerService" --name "TrustedAccessPreview"
  5. When the status shows Registered, refresh the Microsoft.ContainerService resource provider registration:

    az provider register --namespace Microsoft.ContainerService

This section provides the set of Azure CLI commands to perform create, update, or delete operations on the Backup Extension. You can use the update command to change compute limits for the underlying Backup Extension Pods.

Install Backup Extension

To install the Backup Extension, run the following command:

az k8s-extension create --name azure-aks-backup --extension-type microsoft.dataprotection.kubernetes --scope cluster --cluster-type managedClusters --cluster-name <aksclustername> --resource-group <aksclusterrg> --release-train stable --configuration-settings blobContainer=<containername> storageAccount=<storageaccountname> storageAccountResourceGroup=<storageaccountrg> storageAccountSubscriptionId=<subscriptionid>

View Backup Extension installation status

To view the progress of Backup Extension installation, use the following command:

az k8s-extension show --name azure-aks-backup --cluster-type managedClusters --cluster-name <aksclustername> --resource-group <aksclusterrg>

Update resources in Backup Extension

To update blob container, CPU, and memory in the Backup Extension, use the following command:

az k8s-extension update --name azure-aks-backup --cluster-type managedClusters --cluster-name <aksclustername> --resource-group <aksclusterrg> --release-train stable --configuration-settings [blobContainer=<containername> storageAccount=<storageaccountname> storageAccountResourceGroup=<storageaccountrg> storageAccountSubscriptionId=<subscriptionid>] [cpuLimit=1] [memoryLimit=1Gi]

[]: denotes the 3 different sub-groups of updates possible (discard the brackets while using the command)

Delete Backup Extension installation operation

To stop the Backup Extension install operation, use the following command:

az k8s-extension delete --name azure-aks-backup --cluster-type managedClusters --cluster-name <aksclustername> --resource-group <aksclusterrg>

Grant permission on storage account

To provide Storage Account Contributor Permission to the Extension Identity on storage account, run the following command:

az role assignment create --assignee-object-id $(az k8s-extension show --name azure-aks-backup --cluster-name <aksclustername> --resource-group <aksclusterrg> --cluster-type managedClusters --query identity.principalId --output tsv) --role 'Storage Account Contributor' --scope /subscriptions/<subscriptionid>/resourceGroups/<storageaccountrg>/providers/Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/<storageaccountname> 

To enable Trusted Access between Backup vault and AKS cluster, use the following Azure CLI command:

az aks trustedaccess rolebinding create \
-g $myResourceGroup \ 
--cluster-name $myAKSCluster 
–n <randomRoleBindingName> \ 
--source-resource-id <vaultID> \ 
--roles Microsoft.DataProtection/backupVaults/backup-operator   

Learn more about other commands related to Trusted Access.

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