Track backup and restore jobs using REST API

Azure Backup service triggers jobs that run in background in various scenarios such as triggering backup, restore operations, disabling backup. These jobs can be tracked using their IDs.

Fetch Job information from operations

An operation such as triggering backup will always return a jobID. For example: The final response of a trigger backup REST API operation is as follows:

  "id": "cd153561-20d3-467a-b911-cc1de47d4763",
  "name": "cd153561-20d3-467a-b911-cc1de47d4763",
  "status": "Succeeded",
  "startTime": "2018-09-12T02:16:56.7399752Z",
  "endTime": "2018-09-12T02:16:56.7399752Z",
  "properties": {
    "objectType": "OperationStatusJobExtendedInfo",
    "jobId": "41f3e94b-ae6b-4a20-b422-65abfcaf03e5"

The Azure VM backup job is identified by "jobId" field and can be tracked as mentioned here using a simple GET request.

Tracking the job


The {jobName} is "jobId" mentioned above. The response is always 200 OK with the "status" field indicating the current status of the job. Once it's "Completed" or "CompletedWithWarnings", the 'extendedInfo' section reveals more details about the job.


Name Type Description
200 OK JobResource OK

Example response

Once the GET URI is submitted, a 200 (OK) response is returned.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Pragma: no-cache
X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff
x-ms-request-id: e9702101-9da2-4681-bdf3-a54e17329a56
x-ms-client-request-id: ba4dff71-1655-4c1d-a71f-c9869371b18b; ba4dff71-1655-4c1d-a71f-c9869371b18b
Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains
x-ms-ratelimit-remaining-subscription-reads: 14989
x-ms-correlation-request-id: e9702101-9da2-4681-bdf3-a54e17329a56
x-ms-routing-request-id: SOUTHINDIA:20180521T102317Z:e9702101-9da2-4681-bdf3-a54e17329a56
Cache-Control: no-cache
Date: Mon, 21 May 2018 10:23:17 GMT
Server: Microsoft-IIS/8.0
X-Powered-By: ASP.NET

  "id": "/subscriptions/00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000/resourceGroups/Default-RecoveryServices-ResourceGroup-centralindia/providers/microsoft.recoveryservices/vaults/abdemovault/backupJobs/7ddead57-bcb9-4269-ac31-6a1b57588700",
  "name": "7ddead57-bcb9-4269-ac31-6a1b57588700",
  "type": "Microsoft.RecoveryServices/vaults/backupJobs",
  "properties": {
    "jobType": "AzureIaaSVMJob",
    "duration": "00:20:23.0896697",
    "actionsInfo": [
    "virtualMachineVersion": "Compute",
    "extendedInfo": {
      "tasksList": [
          "taskId": "Take Snapshot",
          "duration": "00:00:00",
          "status": "Completed"
          "taskId": "Transfer data to vault",
          "duration": "00:00:00",
          "status": "Completed"
      "propertyBag": {
        "VM Name": "uttestvmub1",
        "Backup Size": "2332 MB"
    "entityFriendlyName": "uttestvmub1",
    "backupManagementType": "AzureIaasVM",
    "operation": "Backup",
    "status": "Completed",
    "startTime": "2018-05-21T08:35:40.9488967Z",
    "endTime": "2018-05-21T08:56:04.0385664Z",
    "activityId": "7df8e874-1d66-4f81-8e91-da2fe054811d"