Frequently asked questions-Back up Azure Database for PostgreSQL server

This article answers common questions about backing up Azure Database for PostgreSQL server with the Azure Backup service.


What's the backup process of Azure Database for PostgreSQL server?

Azure Backup and Azure Database Services together help you to build an enterprise-class backup solution for Azure Database for PostgreSQL servers that retains backups for long term. Learn about the complete backup process.

What are the prerequisites for configuring backup?

How do I configure backup on Azure PostgreSQL databases?

You can configure backup on multiple databases across multiple Azure PostgreSQL servers. Learn more

Can I take an on-demand backup of Azure Database for PostgreSQL server?

Yes. To trigger an on-demand backup, see Run on-demand backup.


How do I restore PostgreSQL database?

You can restore as another PostgreSQL database or as files. Learn about the PostgreSQL database restore process.

Manage database backups

Can I change backup policy?

Yes, you can change the associated policy with a backup instance. Learn more

Can I temporarily stop database backup?

Yes, to do so, see Stop Protection and Retain Data.

How do I resume database backup?

If you have selected the Stop Protection and Retain data option while stopping the data backup, you can resume protection for your Azure Database for PostgreSQL server. Learn how to resume backup.

How do I delete backup data?

To delete the backup data, first, stop the backup and then delete backup data. Learn more