Create and manage Azure Backup services using Azure CLI

The Azure CLI provides a command-line experience for creating and managing Azure resources. The Azure CLI helps you automate tasks and work with Azure Backup.

This article provides information about the services that support Azure CLI for Azure Backup- and the corresponding links to the articles.

Document references for CLI supported Azure services

The following table lists the Azure CLI document references available for supported Azure services.

Azure services CLI document references
Azure Vault Delete a Recovery Services vault
Azure Virtual Machine (VM)
  • Backup an Azure VM
  • Restore an Azure VM
  • Restores files from Azure VM backups
  • Update the existing VM backup policy
  • Backup and restore selective disk for Azure VMs
  • Azure file share
  • Back up Azure file shares
  • Restore Azure file shares
  • Manage Azure file share backups
  • Back up SAP HANA databases in an Azure VM
  • Restore SAP HANA databases in an Azure VM
  • Manage SAP HANA databases in an Azure VM