Frequently asked questions about NC2 on Azure

This article addresses questions most frequently asked about NC2 on Azure.

What is Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)?

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) uses locally-attached storage resources to combine common data center hardware with intelligent software to create flexible building blocks that replace legacy infrastructure consisting of separate servers, storage networks, and storage arrays. Video explanation

How can I create a VM on a node?

After a customer provisions a cluster of Nutanix Ready Nodes, they can spin up a VM through the Nutanix Prism Portal. This operation should be exactly the same as on-premises in the prism portal.

Is NC2 on Azure a third party or first party offering?

NC2 on Azure is a 3rd-party offering on Azure Marketplace. However, we're working hand in hand with Nutanix to offer the best product experience.

How will I be billed?

Customers will be billed on a pay-as-you-go basis. Additionally, customers are able to use their existing Microsoft Azure Consumption Contract (MACC).

What software advantages does Nutanix have over competitors?

Data locality Shadow Clones (which lead to faster boot time) Cluster level microservices that lead to world-class performance

Will this solution integrate with the rest of the Azure cloud?

Yes! You can use the products and services in Azure that you already have and love.

Who supports NC2 on Azure?

Microsoft delivers support for BareMetal infrastructure of NC2 on Azure. You can submit a support request. For Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) managed subscriptions, the first level of support provides the Solution Provider in the same fashion as CSP does for other Azure services.

Nutanix delivers support for Nutanix software of NC2 on Azure. Nutanix offers a support tier called Production Support for NC2. For more information about Production Support tiers and SLAs, see Product Support Programs under Cloud Services Support.

Can I use my existing VPN or ER gateway for the DR scenario?

Technically, yes. Raise a support ticket from Azure portal to get this functionality enabled.

Does Microsoft BareMetal service store customer data outside the Azure region that a customer has chosen?


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