This article assumes prior knowledge of the Nutanix stack and Azure services to operate significant deployments on Azure. The following sections identify the requirements to use Nutanix Clusters on Azure:

Azure account requirements

  • An Azure account with a new subscription
  • An Azure Active Directory

My Nutanix account requirements

For more information, see "NC2 on Azure Subscription and Billing" in [Nutanix Cloud Clusters on Azure Deployment and User Guide] (

Networking requirements

  • Connectivity between your on-premises datacenter and Azure. Both ExpressRoute and VPN are supported.
  • After a cluster is created, you'll need Virtual IP addresses for both the on-premises cluster and the cluster running in Azure.
  • Outbound internet access on your Azure portal.
  • Azure Directory Service resolves the FQDN:

Other requirements

  • Minimum of three (or more) Azure Nutanix Ready nodes per cluster
  • Only the Nutanix AHV hypervisor on Nutanix clusters running in Azure
  • Prism Central instance deployed on NC2 on Azure to manage the Nutanix clusters in Azure

Next steps

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