Use cases and supported scenarios

Learn about use cases and supported scenarios for NC2 on Azure, including cluster management, disaster recovery, on-demand elasticity, and lift-and-shift.

Unified management experience - cluster management

That operations and cluster management be nearly identical to on-premises is critical to customers. Customers can update capacity, monitor alerts, replace hosts, monitor usage, and more by combining the respective strengths of Microsoft and Nutanix.

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery is critical to cloud functionality. A disaster can be any of the following:

  • Cyber attack
  • Data breach
  • Equipment failure
  • Natural disaster
  • Data loss
  • Human error
  • Malware and viruses
  • Network and internet blips
  • Hardware and/or software failure
  • Weather catastrophes
  • Flooding
  • Office vandalism

...or anything else that puts your operations at risk.

When a disaster strikes, the goal of any DR plan is to ensure operations run as normally as possible. While the business will be aware of the crisis, ideally, its customers and end-users shouldn't be affected.

On-demand elasticity

Scale up and scale out as you like. We provide the flexibility that means you don't have to procure hardware yourself - with just a click of a button you can get additional nodes in the cloud nearly instantly.

Lift and shift

Move applications to the cloud and modernize your infrastructure. Applications move with no changes, allowing for flexible operations and minimum downtime.