Manage private endpoint connections with Azure Batch accounts

You can query and manage all existing private endpoint connections for your Batch account. Supported management operations include:

  • Approve a pending connection.
  • Reject a connection (either in pending or approved state).
  • Remove a connection, which will remove the connection from Batch account and mark the associated private endpoint resource as Disconnected state.

Azure portal

  1. Go to your Batch account in Azure portal.

  2. In Settings, select Networking and go to tab Private Access.

  3. Select the private connection, then perform the Approve/Reject/Remove operation.

    Screenshot of managing private endpoint connections.

Az PowerShell module

Examples using Az PowerShell module Az.Network:

$accountResourceId = "/subscriptions/<subscription>/resourceGroups/<rg>/providers/Microsoft.Batch/batchAccounts/<account>"
$pecResourceId = "$accountResourceId/privateEndpointConnections/<pe-connection-name>"

# List all private endpoint connections for Batch account
Get-AzPrivateEndpointConnection -PrivateLinkResourceId $accountResourceId

# Show the specified private endpoint connection
Get-AzPrivateEndpointConnection -ResourceId $pecResourceId

# Approve connection
Approve-AzPrivateEndpointConnection -Description "Approved!" -ResourceId $pecResourceId

# Reject connection
Deny-AzPrivateEndpointConnection -Description "Rejected!" -ResourceId $pecResourceId

# Remove connection
Remove-AzPrivateEndpointConnection -ResourceId $pecResourceId

Azure CLI

Examples using Azure CLI (az network private-endpoint):


# List all private endpoint connections for Batch account
az network private-endpoint-connection list --id $accountResourceId

# Show the specified private endpoint connection
az network private-endpoint-connection show --id $pecResourceId

# Approve connection
az network private-endpoint-connection approve --description "Approved!" --id $pecResourceId

# Reject connection
az network private-endpoint-connection reject --description "Rejected!" --id $pecResourceId

# Remove connection
az network private-endpoint-connection delete --id $pecResourceId