Connect a bot to the Omnichannel channel

The Omnichannel channel lets you connect your bot to omnichannel capabilities of the Chat Add-in for Dynamics 365 Customer Service.


Connect your bot to the Omnichannel channel

To register your bot with your Omnichannel for Customer Service environment:

  1. In the Azure portal, go to your bot resource.
  2. Open the Channels blade and select Omnichannel.
  3. On the Configure Omnichannel blade, select Apply.
  4. Once you see the success message, close the Configure Omnichannel blade.

Integrate your bot with the omnichannel feature

Perform the final steps to set up your bot user and routing in your Dynamics 365 organization.

For instructions, see Integrate an Azure bot in the Omnichannel for Customer Service docs.

Additional information

You can design your bot so that it can hand off the conversation to a human agent. For more information, see Transition conversations from bot to human.

Next steps