What is the Azure Certified Device program?


The Azure Certified Device program has met its goals and will conclude on February 23, 2024. This means that the Azure Certified Device catalog, along with certifications for Azure Certified Device, Edge Managed, and IoT Plug and Play will no longer be available after this date. However, the Edge Secured-core program will remain active and will be relocated to a new home at aka.ms/EdgeSecuredCoreHome.

Thank you for your interest in the Azure Certified Device program! Azure Certified Device is a free program that enables you to differentiate, certify, and promote your IoT devices built to run on Azure. From intelligent cameras to connected sensors to edge infrastructure, this enhanced IoT device certification program helps device builders increase their product visibility and saves customers time in building solutions.

Our certification promise

The Azure Certified Device program ensures customer solutions work great on Azure. It is a program that utilizes tools, services, and a catalog to share industry knowledge with our community of builders within the IoT ecosystem to help builders and customers alike.

Across the device certification process, the three tenets of this program are:

  • Giving customers confidence: Customers can confidently purchase Azure certified devices that carry the Microsoft promise.

  • Matchmaking customers with the right devices for them: Device builders can set themselves apart with certification that highlights their unique capabilities, and customers can easily find IoT qualified devices that fit their needs.

  • Promoting certified devices: Device builders get increased visibility, contact with customers, and usage of Microsoft’s Azure Certified Device brand.

User roles

The Azure Certified Device program serves two different audiences.

  1. Device builders: Do you build IoT devices? Easily differentiate your IoT device capabilities and gain access to a worldwide audience looking to reliably purchase devices built to run on Azure. Use the Azure Certified Device Catalog to increase product visibility and connect with customers by certifying your device and show it meets specific IoT device requirements.
  2. Solution builders: Wondering what are IoT qualified devices? Confidently find and purchase IoT devices built to run on Azure, knowing they meet specific IoT requirements. Easily search and select the right certified device for your IoT solution on the Azure Certified Device catalog.

Our certification programs and IoT device requirements.

There are four different certifications available now! Each certification is focused on delivering a different customer value. Depending on the type of device and your target audience, you can choose which certification(s) is most applicable for you to apply for. Select the titles of each program to learn more about the program and IoT requirements.

Certification program Overview
Azure Certified Device Azure Certified Device certification validates that a device can connect with Azure IoT Hub and securely provision through the Device Provisioning Service (DPS). This certification reflects a device's functionality and interoperability, which are a required baseline for all other certifications.
IoT Plug and Play IoT Plug and Play certification, an incremental certification beyond the baseline Azure Certified Device certification, validates Digital Twin Definition Language version 2 (DTDL) and interaction based on your device model. It enables a seamless device-to-cloud integration experience and enables hardware partners to build devices that can seamlessly integrate without the need to write custom code.
Edge Managed Edge Managed certification, an incremental certification beyond the baseline Azure Certified Device certification, focuses on device management standards for Azure connected devices.
Edge Secured Core Edge Secured-core certification, an incremental certification beyond the baseline Azure Certified Device certification, is for IoT devices running a full operating system such as Linux or Windows 10 IoT. It validates devices meet additional security requirements around device identity, secure boot, operating system hardening, device updates, data protection, and vulnerability disclosures.

How to certify your device

Certifying a device involves several major steps on the Azure Certified Device portal:

  1. Select the right certification for your device based on the IoT device requirements.
  2. Create your project in the Azure Certified Device portal.
  3. Add device details including hardware capability information to begin the device certification process.
  4. Validate device functionality
  5. Submit and complete the review process


The review process can take up to a week to complete, though sometimes may take longer.

Once you have certified your device, you then can optionally complete two of the following activities:

  1. Publishing to the Azure Certified Device Catalog (optional)
  2. Updating your project after it has been approved/published (optional)

Next steps

Ready to get started with your certification journey? View our resources below to start the device certification process!