Edge Secured-core Program

Note: As of February 2024, the Azure Certified Device program has been retired. This page has been updated as a new home for the Edge Secured-core program.

What is the Edge Secured-core program?

Edge Secured-Core is Microsoft's recommended standard for highly secured embedded devices. Such devices must include hardware security features, must be shipped in a secured state, and must be able to connect to services that enable that security monitoring and maintenance for the lifetime of the device.

Program purpose

Edge Secured-core is a security certification for devices running a full operating system. Edge Secured-core currently supports Windows IoT Enterprise and Azure Sphere OS. Linux support is coming in the future. Devices meeting this criteria enable these promises:

  1. Hardware-based device identity
  2. Capable of enforcing system integrity
  3. Stays up to date and is remotely manageable
  4. Provides data at-rest protection
  5. Provides data in-transit protection
  6. Built-in security agent and hardening

User roles

The Edge Secured-core program serves two different audiences.

  1. Device builders: Do you build Edge devices? Easily differentiate your Edge device capabilities by certifying your device, showing that it meets specific security requirements.
  2. Solution builders: Wondering what Edge devices are capable of security? Confidently purchase Edge devices from Device builders, knowing they meet specific security requirements. Check out the list of current Device builders with certified Edge Secured-core devices.

Next steps

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