Purchase of Azure in China

Online Service Terms (OST)

Here's where to find information about service terms:

Online Service Premium Agreement (OSPA)

The China Enterprise customer who wants to purchase Azure through a contractual process can choose an Online Service Premium Agreement (OSPA). This agreement supports two service models: Direct OSPA and Indirect OSPA. An OSPA discount can only be issued from a China local CE and approved by the Business Desk.

Direct OSPA Indirect OSPA
Agreements Customer signs an OSPA Agreement package directly with 21V. Customer signs a commercial contract with Partner, and an Indirect OSPA Agreement with 21V.
Agreement duration 3 years 3 years
Billing and payment Customer pays directly to 21V. Customer pays to Indirect Partner.
Support 21V supports. 21V supports, except billing, which is supported by Partners.

Multi-Year Monetary Commitment (MYMC)

MYMC is supported in China. The request can be raised by the local CE, and approved by the local Business Desk.

Reserved Instances / Compute Pre-purchase (CPP)

Reserved Instances are not supported by China legacy commerce platform. But you can get the annually pre-committed price by CPP (Compute Pre-purchase). CPP is fulfilled by a CPP amendment (order form), attached to the OSPA.

CPP prices

CPP SKU and prices are in the price list, which can be accessed from 21Vianet, Microsoft Account Teams and OSPA Indirect Partners.