Frequently asked questions about Azure China

Can workloads deployed on Azure China be accessed anywhere globally?

Yes, you can access your workloads deployed on Azure China anywhere globally.

How do I submit a quota request?

If you want to make changes on the resource quota of subscriptions (like virtual machine cores, Azure Storage, Azure HDInsight cores, or the number of IP addresses), raise service requests through online submission. You need to sign in with your Azure China subscription.

For more details, see Support for Azure China.

Can I connect between Azure global regions and Azure China regions?

Azure global regions and Azure China regions are physically disconnected. However, you can still connect subscriptions in Azure China and Azure global regions through composite VPN site-to-site or ExpressRoute. You connect the subscription in the Azure China region with your on-premises site, and connect your on-premises site to your subscription in the Azure global region.

For other questions about Azure China, please check Azure China FAQs.