Data democratization tools

Data democratization is the ability to make digital information accessible to the average non-technical user of information systems, without having a gatekeeper or outside help to access the data. Democratizing data helps users gain unfettered access to important data without creating a bottleneck that impedes productivity.

One of the first steps in democratizing data is to enhance data discoverability. Cataloging and managing data sharing can help enterprises get the most value from their existing information assets. By democratizing a data catalog it makes data sources easy to discover and understand by the users who manage the data. Azure Data Catalog enables management inside an enterprise, whereas Azure Data Share enables management and sharing outside the enterprise.

Azure services that provide data processing, like Azure Time Series Insights and Stream Analytics, are other capabilities that customers and partners are successfully using for their innovation needs.

Azure Data Catalog

Azure Data Catalog addresses the discovery challenges of data consumers and enables data producers who maintain information assets. It bridges the gap between IT and the business, allowing everyone to contribute their insights. You can store your data where you want it and connect with the tools you want to use. With Azure Data Catalog, you can control who can discover registered data assets. You can integrate into existing tools and processes by using open REST APIs.

  • Register
  • Search and annotate
  • Connect and manage


You can use only one Azure Data Catalog per organization. If a catalog has already been created for your organization, you can't add more catalogs.

To create a catalog for your organization:

  1. Go to Azure Data Catalog.
  2. Select Create.