Assess workloads and refine plans

The resources in this guide help you assess each workload, challenge assumptions about each workload's suitability for migration, and make architectural decisions about migration options.

If you didn't follow the guidance in the links above, you'll need data and an assessment tool to make informed migration decisions. Azure Migrate is the native tool for assessing and migrating to Azure. If you haven't already, use these steps to create a new server migration project and collect the necessary data.

Azure Migrate

Azure Migrate provides a centralized hub to assess and migrate to Azure on-premises servers, infrastructure, applications, and data. This service:

  • Assesses whether on-premises servers are ready for migration to Azure.
  • Estimates the size of Azure virtual machines (VMs), Azure SQL configuration, or number of Azure VMware Solution nodes after migration.
  • Estimates costs for running on-premises servers in Azure.
  • Identifies cross-server dependencies and optimization strategies for moving interdependent servers to Azure.

If you're considering a lift-and-shift approach or are in the early assessment stages of migration, this service is for you. After completing the assessment, use Azure Migrate to execute the migration.

Azure Migrate overview

Create a new project

Begin server discovery, assessment, and migration by using the following steps for Azure Migrate:

  1. Select Azure Migrate.
  2. In Overview, select Discover, assess and migrate.
  3. Select Add tools.
  4. In Project, select your Azure subscription, then create a resource group if you don't have one.
  5. In Project Details, specify the project name and geography where you want to create the project, then select Create.
  6. After creating the project, tools are visible in project and user can start with Discovery.

Dependency analysis

Dependency analysis identifies dependencies between discovered on-premises servers. It provides the following advantages:

  • Gather servers into groups for a better assessment.
  • Identify servers to migrate together. This step is useful if you're unsure which servers are part of an app deployment that you want to migrate.
  • Identify whether servers are in use and which servers you can decommission instead of migrate.
  • Analyze dependencies to ensure that nothing is left behind and avoid surprise outages after migration.

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