Stay current with Azure

Cloud platforms like Azure change faster than many organizations are accustomed to. This pace of change means that organizations have to adapt people and processes to a new cadence. If you're responsible for helping your organization keep up with change, you might feel overwhelmed at times. The resources listed in this section can help you stay up to date.

The following resources can help you stay current with Azure:

  • Azure Service Health: Service Health alerts provide timely notifications about ongoing service issues, planned maintenance, and health advisories. These alerts also includes information about Azure features scheduled for retirement.
  • Azure updates: Review Azure updates for announcements about product updates. Brief summaries link to additional details, making the updates easy to follow.
  • Azure blog: The Azure blog communicates the most important announcements for the Azure platform. Follow this blog to stay up to date on critical information. Subscribe via the Azure blog RSS feed.
  • Service-specific blogs: Many individual Azure services publish blogs that you can follow if you rely on those services. Find the ones you're interested in via a web search.