Scenario-specific enterprise-scale landing zones in Azure

Scenarios for enterprise-scale landing zones enable effective adoption and operationalization of key technologies on Azure. These specific scenarios can be used to accelerate adoption when your organization identifies business or technical requirements that require additional tier-1 technology platforms to support mission-critical workloads or business processes.

Scenarios for enterprise-scale landing zones provide specific, refined deployments which can be run on top of existing enterprise-scale landing zones.

Use the following information to prepare your landing zones for mission-critical technology platforms and any supported workloads.


These landing zones have been developed in the broader context of common scenarios, such as:

Scenario Description Landing zone
Hybrid and multicloud Guidance on shaping an organizations approach to implementing a hybrid cloud strategy. Enterprise-scale for hybrid with Azure Arc
SAP Guidance for migrating or adopting SAP workloads as part of your cloud strategy. SAP on Azure landing zone accelerator
Virtual desktop Guidance for migrating virtual desktops, or creating new as part of a cloud-focused productivity strategy. Enterprise-scale for Azure Virtual Desktop
Modern application platform Guidance for how application services and containers can be integrated into your cloud adoption strategy. Enterprise-scale for AKS
Azure VMware Solution Guidance for migrating VMware workloads to Azure as part of your cloud strategy. Azure VMware Solution landing zone accelerator

Next steps

Scenario-specific enterprise-scale landing zones provide an accelerated path to building out your scalable, secure landing zones for various workloads. Select one of the links above to get started.