How to get help building a landing zone

Getting your Azure landing zone (ALZ) done right and on time is important. Working with a certified Azure partner is a great way to get the support you need to build your ALZ.

We'll show you how to find a partner and what to expect from your partner.

There are two options to find an ALZ partner (see image).

  • Option 1 - use Azure Migrate and Modernize.
  • Option 2 - find a partner offer for a landing zone in our marketplace.

A graphic that summarizes the two options to find a partner: Azure Migrate and Modernize and partner marketplace. The graphic lists the expectations for both options.

Option 1 - Azure Migrate and Modernize

The easiest option to find an ALZ partner is through Azure Migrate and Modernize.

How to find an Azure Migrate and Modernize partner

Take 5 minutes to fill out the Azure Migrate and Modernize form. Someone from the team will help you find the right partner.

What to expect from an Azure Migrate and Modernize partner

All the partners in the program adhere to ALZ best-practices. We vet partners to ensure customers receive ALZ guidance that follows CAF principles. Here are some of the deliverables you and your partner will work through together.

  1. ALZ planning – The Azure Migrate and Modernize partner will work with you to create the business and technical foundation needed to build your ALZ. ALZ planning includes:

    • Selecting your operating models
    • Reviewing your ALZ implementation options
    • Identifying your compliance requirements
    • Identifying any customization needed
  2. ALZ building – Your partner will build and monitor an ALZ pilot. ALZ building includes:

    • Reviewing your ALZ objectives and outcomes
    • Defining your ALZ build plan
    • Building your ALZ pilot
    • Monitoring your ALZ pilot
  3. Deployment planning – Your partner will work with you to define your deployment plan. Deployment planning includes:

    • Assessing existing workload compatibility
    • Presenting deployment plan options
    • Defining resources, timeline, and next steps to execute the deployment plan

Option 2 - Partner offers

We have a self-discovery process you can use to find a partner. The Azure Customer Enablement Offers page is a marketplace of offers from certified Azure partners.

Each offer comes from Azure Advanced Specialization Partners or Azure Expert Managed Services Providers (MSPs). Microsoft also vets and approves each offer before it enters the marketplace.

Advanced specialization partners demonstrate deep technical knowledge, proven success, and ethical business practices. Azure Expert MSPs also meet these criteria but must additionally pass a time- and cost-intensive auditing process.

Offers in the marketplace have a price, description, and contact information. Like any marketplace, there's flexibility in what the offer can be. Partners design and propose offers. Microsoft approves them for the marketplace.

This flexibility creates value for you and allows you to find an offer that meets your specific needs.

How to find partner offers

To find a landing zone offer from a partner, follow these steps:

  1. Find landing zone offers - The Azure Customer Enablement Offers link takes you to a page filled with available offers. Each tile or square on the page represents a different offer. Some partners have multiple offers, so you might see a partner appear more than once. The link at the bottom of each tile takes you to the partner offers.

    • Filter results - In the "Cloud Adoption Framework Methodology" dropdown, select the "Ready" box. In the "Regions" dropdown, select your region. With these filters, you'll only see offers aligned to the Ready methodology in your region.

    • Look for landing zone offers – Scan the links at the bottom of the tiles. Find and select landing zone offers. Not every tile on the page will be a landing zone offer, and some partners have more than one offer aligned to the Ready methodology. Select the offer links at the bottom of the tile to see the offer. Selecting the partner’s name or logo takes you to an overview of the partner.

  2. Meet potential partners – Use the “Contact Me” button to reach out to partners. Meet with several landing zone partners to find the right fit. Get a sense of their process, experience, and successes.

  3. Understand the offers – Partners have more freedom to customize their ALZ approach outside of Azure Migrate and Modernize. Read the offer. Ask follow-up questions. Make sure you understand the offer and define expectations.

  4. Pick an offer - Pick the offer that best meets your needs. Formalize the agreement and start building your landing zone with your partner.

What to expect from partner offers

Partner offers are vetted and approved for the marketplace. They follow CAF principles in general but have more freedom to customize their approach to the ALZ process. Expectations should align with the offer description and any other agreements made between you and your chosen partner.

Next steps

Learn about the process for refactoring landing zones.