Enable monitoring for Cloud Services (extended support) using the Azure portal

This article explains how to enable alerts on existing Cloud Service (extended support) deployments.

Add monitoring rules

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Select the Cloud Service (extended support) deployment you want to enable alerts for.

  3. Select the Alerts blade.

    Image shows selecting the Alerts tab in the Azure portal.

  4. Select the New Alert icon. Image shows selecting the add new alert option.

  5. Input the desired conditions and required actions based on what metrics you are interested in tracking. You can define the rules based on individual metrics or the activity log.

    Image shows where to add conditions to alerts.

    Image shows configuring signal logic.

    Image shows configuring action group logic.

  6. When you have finished setting up alerts, save the changes and based on the metrics configured you will begin to see the Alerts blade populate over time.

Next steps