Generate ARM Template for Cloud Services (extended support) using the Azure portal

This article explains how to download the ARM template and parameter file from the Azure portal for your Cloud Service. The ARM template and parameter file can be used in deployments via PowerShell to create or update a cloud service

Get ARM template via portal

  1. Go to the Azure portal and create a new cloud service. Add your cloud service configuration, package and definition files. Image shows the upload section of the basics tab during creation.

  2. Once all fields have been completed, move to the Review and Create tab to validate your deployment configuration and click on Download template for automation your Cloud Service (extended support). Image shows downloading the template under cloud service (extended support) on the Azure portal.

  3. Download your template and parameter files. Image shows downloading template file on the Azure portal.

  4. Copy the Package SAS URI and Configuration SAS URI from the review and create tab and add them to the parameter.json file. These files can now be used to create a new cloud service via PowerShell. Image shows the package SAS URI and configuration SAS URI parameters on the Azure portal.

Next steps