Embed Azure Cloud Shell

Embedding Cloud Shell enables developers and content writers to directly open Cloud Shell from a dedicated URL, shell.azure.com. This link brings the full power of Cloud Shell's authentication, tooling, and up-to-date Azure CLI and Azure PowerShell tools to your users.

You can use the following images in your own webpages and app as buttons to start a Cloud Shell session.

Regular sized button

Regular launch

Large sized button

Large launch


To integrate Cloud Shell's launch button into markdown files by copying the following code:

Regular sized button

[![Launch Cloud Shell](https://learn.microsoft.com/azure/cloud-shell/media/embed-cloud-shell/launch-cloud-shell-1.png](https://shell.azure.com)

Large sized button

[![Launch Cloud Shell](https://learn.microsoft.com/azure/cloud-shell/media/embed-cloud-shell/launch-cloud-shell-2.png](https://shell.azure.com)

The location of these image files is subject to change. We recommend that you download the files for use in your applications.

Customize experience

Set a specific shell experience by augmenting your URL.

Experience URL
Most recently used shell https://shell.azure.com
Bash https://shell.azure.com/bash
PowerShell https://shell.azure.com/powershell

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