Purchase commitment tier pricing

Cognitive Services offers commitment tier pricing, each offering a discounted rate compared to the pay-as-you-go pricing model. With commitment tier pricing, you can commit to using the following Cognitive Services features for a fixed fee, enabling you to have a predictable total cost based on the needs of your workload:

  • Speech to Text (Standard)
  • Text to Speech (Neural)
  • Text Translation (Standard)
  • Language Understanding standard (Text Requests)
  • Azure Cognitive Service for Language
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Key Phrase Extraction
    • Language Detection
  • Computer Vision - OCR

Commitment tier pricing is also available for the following Applied AI service:

  • Form Recognizer – Custom/Invoice

For more information, see Azure Cognitive Services pricing.

Create a new resource


To purchase and use a commitment plan, your resource must have the Standard pricing tier. You cannot purchase a commitment plan (or see the option) for a resource that is on the free tier.

  1. Sign into the Azure portal and select Create a new resource for one of the applicable Cognitive Services or Applied AI services listed above.

  2. Enter the applicable information to create your resource. Be sure to select the standard pricing tier.

    A screenshot showing resource creation on the Azure portal.

  3. Once your resource is created, you will be able to change your pricing from pay-as-you-go, to a commitment plan.

Purchase a commitment plan by updating your Azure resource

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal with your Azure subscription.

  2. In your Azure resource for one of the applicable features listed above, select Commitment tier pricing.


    You will only see the option to purchase a commitment plan if the resource is using the standard pricing tier.

  3. Select Change to view the available commitments for hosted API and container usage. Choose a commitment plan for one or more of the following offerings:

    • Web: web-based APIs, where you send data to Azure for processing.
    • Connected container: Docker containers that enable you to deploy Cognitive services on premises, and maintain an internet connection for billing and metering.

    A screenshot showing the commitment tier pricing page on the Azure portal.

  4. In the window that appears, select both a Tier and Auto-renewal option.

    • Commitment tier - The commitment tier for the feature. The commitment tier will be enabled immediately when you click Purchase and you will be charged the commitment amount on a pro-rated basis.

    • Auto-renewal - Choose how you want to renew, change, or cancel the current commitment plan starting with the next billing cycle. If you decide to auto-renew, the Auto-renewal date is the date (in your local timezone) when you will be charged for the next billing cycle. This date coincides with the start of the calendar month.


    Once you click Purchase you will be charged for the tier you select. Once purchased, the commitment plan is non-refundable.

    Commitment plans are charged monthly, except the first month upon purchase which is pro-rated (cost and quota) based on the number of days remaining in that month. For the subsequent months, the charge is incurred on the first day of the month.

    A screenshot showing the commitment tier pricing and renewal details on the Azure portal.

Overage pricing

If you use the resource above the quota provided, you will be charged for the additional usage as per the overage amount mentioned in the commitment tier.

Purchase a different commitment plan

The commitment plans have a calendar month commitment period. You can purchase a commitment plan at any time from the default pay-as-you-go pricing model. When you purchase a plan, you will be charged a pro-rated price for the remaining month. During the commitment period, you cannot change the commitment plan for the current month. However, you can choose a different commitment plan for the next calendar month. The billing for the next month would happen on the first day of the next month.

If you need a larger commitment plan than any of the ones offered, contact csgate@microsoft.com.

End a commitment plan

If you decide that you don't want to continue purchasing a commitment plan, you can set your resource's auto-renewal to Do not auto-renew. Your commitment plan will expire on the displayed commitment end date. After this date, you won't be charged for the commitment plan. You will be able to continue using the Azure resource to make API calls, charged at pay-as-you-go pricing. You have until midnight (UTC) on the last day of each month to end a commitment plan, and not be charged for the following month.

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