Personally Identifiable Information (PII) detection language support

Use this article to learn which natural languages are supported by the PII and conversation PII (preview) features of Azure Cognitive Service for Language.


PII language support

Language Language code Starting with model version Notes
Arabic ar 2023-01-01-preview
Chinese-Simplified zh-hans 2021-01-15 zh also accepted
Chinese-Traditional zh-hant 2023-01-01-preview
Czech cs 2023-01-01-preview
Danish da 2023-01-01-preview
Dutch nl 2023-01-01-preview
English en 2020-07-01
Finnish fi 2023-01-01-preview
French fr 2021-01-15
German de 2021-01-15
Hebrew he 2023-01-01-preview
Hindi hi 2023-01-01-preview
Hungarian hu 2023-01-01-preview
Italian it 2021-01-15
Japanese ja 2021-01-15
Korean ko 2021-01-15
Norwegian (Bokmål) no 2023-01-01-preview nb also accepted
Polish pl 2023-01-01-preview
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR 2021-01-15
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT 2021-01-15 pt also accepted
Russian ru 2023-01-01-preview
Spanish es 2020-04-01
Swedish sv 2023-01-01-preview
Turkish tr 2023-01-01-preview

Next steps

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