Call Automation Insights

In this document, we outline the available insights dashboard to monitor Call Automation logs and metrics.


Within your Communications Resource, we've provided an Insights Preview feature that displays many data visualizations conveying insights from the Azure Monitor logs and metrics monitored for your Communications Services. The visualizations within Insights are made possible via Azure Monitor Workbooks. In order to take advantage of Workbooks, follow the instructions outlined in Enable Azure Monitor in Diagnostic Settings. To enable Workbooks, you need to send your logs to a Log Analytics workspace destination.

Screenshot of Communication Services Insights dashboard.


Accessing Azure Insights for Communication Services

Inside your Azure Communication Services resource, scroll down on the left nav bar to the Monitor category and click on the Insights tab:

Screenshot of the Insights navigation blade.

Call Automation Insights

The Call Automation tab displays data about calls placed or answered using Call Automation SDK, like active call count, operations executed and errors encountered by your resource over time. You can also examine a particular call by looking at the sequence of operations taken on that call using the SDK:

Screenshot displays total call count, duration, and operation results details.

More information about workbooks

For an in-depth description of workbooks, refer to the Azure Monitor Workbooks documentation.

Editing dashboards

The Insights dashboards provided with your Communication Service resource can be customized by clicking on the Edit button on the top navigation bar:

Screenshot of dashboard editing process.

Editing these dashboards doesn't modify the Insights tab, but rather creates a separate workbook that can be accessed on your resource’s Workbooks tab:

Screenshot of the workbooks tab.

For an in-depth description of workbooks, refer to the Azure Monitor Workbooks documentation.